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Tim Young and Hugh Philip are two enthusiastic, but realistic, long-time Kelowna residents who have gathered research from hundreds of reliable sources to create this one-of-a-kind . . . no-nonsense guide. There is no other single source of information that tackles the questions on the minds of potential newcomers. Unbiased Answers to these and many more important questions:
  • Is it true that Kelowna has a Sunshine Tax
  • Will I be able to find a job?
  • Will my family be safe?
  • Is the weather really as good as they say?
  • Give me a break, what are the challenges to living in Kelowna?
  • Is there available and affordable daycare for my children?
  • How does the housing market compare to other cities in Canada?
  • Is Kelowna business friendly?
  • What are ‘the’ best things to do for fun in the area?

Bonus! Each book is a coupon for a minimum 10% discount from trusted Kelowna businesses.

$2.00 from each book sold is donated to the Central Okanagan Food Bank.
This 6” x 9” soft-cover book includes 218 pages; 40 chapters; and 86 tables and illustrations.

Order online from ($14.95) or  Also sold at Kelowna bookstores and many other local retailers.

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