Rock Your Business Plan Kelowna

Get a business plan together in record time: 3 weeks to a killer business plan

Join a committed group of early-stage entrepreneurs at Rock My Business Plan Kelowna, hosted by Futurpreneur Canada and supported by the Government of British Columbia.

Move through set-up, strategy, and execution of your business in 3 weeks, in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. You will learn how to:
● Effectively pitch your business and clarify your value proposition

● Determine appropriate marketing and sales strategies for your venture

● Create a realistic projection of cash flows for your business through the launch stage

● Develop a strategy and road-map on next steps for your business

● Find resources to assist with financing, mentoring & other needs as you launch

● Take your business from idea to execution

Workshops start on Wednesday, October 11th.

This opportunity is free to attend and nearly full. Register now:
Event Calendar Listing
Event title: Rock My Business Plan Kelowna
Dates: Wednesday, October 11th, 18th & 25th
Time: 5PM to 8PM
Location: Okanagan coLab (1405 St Paul St, Suite 201, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E4)
Event description:
A business plan working group designed to help entrepreneurs create a killer business plan in record time. If you are serious about getting your business idea off the ground or taking your start-up to the next level, you need to be here.
Futurpreneur Canada’s Rock My Business Plan Workshop || Partner Promotions Package || Fall 2017 || 10
We will cover 3Ms of a business plan: Mindset, Market, and Money. Expect networking, strategic planning time, and pointers on how to plan, to elevate your business right from the start.
This session is for you if you: - Are 18 -39 years old - Have a strong business idea to flesh out OR recently launched - Are looking for a strategy and road-map on next steps for your business - Want an opportunity for one-on-one tailored business coaching as you launch - Are interested in discovering options for financing & mentorship after you launch
This session is accessible at no charge, for those considering a Futurpreneur Canada program*.
Questions? Contact stoth (at) futurpreneur (dot) ca.
Price: Free!

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