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Exploration Resources

New and exisiting entrepreneurs can benefit from a well developed idea generation and evaluation process. It is valuable to establish what kind of entrepreneur you are, what are your goals, interests and attributes that will help you navigate your journey.

Assess your entrepreneurial skills - Being self-employed is more than just having a good business idea. The first step in determining if you have a business opportunity is assessing your potential to be an entrepreneur. Do you have the motivations, aptitudes, and attitudes typically associated with entrepreneurial people? Complete the online quiz at the following link:

Decision Analysis - As you examine and determine what are the most important considerations for you and your business, having a decision template based on these important decision points is a valuable tool. You can refer to and use this resource regularly to help you guide and evaluate your key decisions. It will help keep all of these considerations in mind to strategically and consistently evaluate the opportunity. It can also help you benchmark and compare the score from when you first evaluate the opportunity to how the opportunity has progressed and changed over time. Also try evaluating multiple scenarios at the same time to help decide what option is best. Click here to see an example of a decision template.

Business Model Canvas - The Business Model Canvas from Strategzyer, is a planning and strategyzing tool to help you understand your business model, customers, and how your business will create, deliver, and capture value. Click here to download a copy of the Canvas, and go to to learn more about this tool.

Opportunity Exploration - This workshop was developed to help entrepreneurs explore their early stage ideas further. Click here for the workbook. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact Dylan Vinci at 250-868-2132 ext. 224.