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Description: Cohesion Land Design creates exceptional landscape designs with respect to a variety of property types that deliver sustainable and responsive outdoor spaces with strong aesthetic value through education and consultation.  We design landscapes with community, for community in an effort to embrace the diversity the Okanagan Valley has to offer.  We also align closely with community planners and the latest in urban sustainability methods to provide landscapes that promote healthy outdoor spaces.  By combining over 30 years of experience in design and service related fields, 20+ years of growing landscapes, construction knowledge and continuing education, this provides a strong background for our growing success.  Our belief is that the process of design should be as exciting and positive as the overall purpose achieved and that artful expression can be sustainably and environmentally respectful.
Description: Ladon Apparel is a clothing brand seeking to create a community of positive and driven individuals. Starting with T-shirts, unique designs will illustrate and encompass self optimization ideas to inspire consumers to challenge themselves and to take control of their health and life. Ladon apparel offers comfortable apparel and appealing designs, more importantly, we want to make our community uplifting and inspiring so to help each other grow in confidence and knowledge. Join the discussion on the blog or the related reddit pages to learn and share you're knowledge and experience with others! 
Description: Seed and Sparrow Design is a landscape design and consulting company that focuses on high quality design, which is ecologically functional and culturally enriching, while deeply considerate of aesthetic taste and the need for beauty.  We specialize in Climate Resilient Landscapes, which incorporate strategies such as: flood and fire mitigation strategies, habitat restoration, green infrastructure, ecosystem service management, and more. All of which are becoming increasingly important in the face of climate change. The result is a dynamic natural system that is able to withstand the stresses of a changing regional and global climate. Additionally, these types of landscapes require minimal resources and management, while providing functional,beautiful, and meaningful landscapes for our community to enjoy.
Description: Invest in yourself with a music educator you won't outgrow.  Guitar player for more than fifteen years, Conroy is passionate and patient about teaching music to all levels of players, beginner to advanced.  Do you want to play in front of an audience of ten thousand? Or play in the living room for your pets? Take the first step towards that goal and message about lessons today.
Description:  Purge is a specialized business that helps prepare your home or place of business for a quick sale. Through the process of decluttering and downsizing we remove all the unwanted and unneeded items to help present a more desirable selling look for potential buyers. Our services also provide full move management ensuring a smooth packing process and a successful relocation.
Description: Whether you are coming to see us for an injury, to improve your overall health, or an athlete seeking to take your performance to the next level, our qualified team has you covered.  Our private clinic is a bright open space with all the items required to assist you on your journey to health or elite performance. Our team consists of Kinesiologists, Sport Scientists and Injury Management Specialists who have extensive experience dealing with ICBC, WorkSafeBC, Third Parties Insurance companies along with competitive sports.  Our services include: Comprehensive Disability Management: whether from a motor vehicle injury, work related incident or off work due to other illness, we can devise RTW plans, assist with return to work planning, coordinate services with the employer and provide case management services. Kinesiology or active rehabilitation treatment plans.  Customized exercise program with a functional training approach.  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Ergonomic Assessments. Elite athlete performance. Our experience ranges from youth to adult, whether novice or olympic level. Non-evasive Shockwave Therapy treatments with our brand new "Storz" MP200 unit. It is geared to ones that have persistent pain with musculoskeletal conditions and/or loss of mobility. Proven results. Check out Shockwave Canada site VO2Max Testing & Lactate Threshold Testing Corporate health programs Office lunch & learn workshops Our goal is not only to promote health and wellness, but to inspire, educate, and build confidence by maximizing results. Visit us today or visit our website for more information.
Description: Welcome to The Athlete Den! A cohesive, collaborative space with independent trainers/therapists come together to mentor/mentee and grow their craft/business in a shared space.  Your client, your business, your plan, shared space. 
Description: Kelowna Account providing bookkeeping, tax, accounting and other business services.  Specializing in working with small businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Creating professional websites for small businesses in the Okanagan

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Description: As an Ayurvedic Health Coach, I want to provide you with the tools necessary for maintaining your health and well-being, and in turn, raising healthy, mindful kids, or supporting the well-being of your loved ones. Because sometimes it doesn't come easy. We feel depleted - not enough time for ourselves, not enough time for our relationships, and the time spent with our kids feels less than quality.  The habits I teach are not new. The wisdom of Ayurveda is is 7,000 years old. Quite likely you've heard a lot of it before; there are very few secrets here.But it's the structure, the scaffolding, the means to the end, that leads to transformation.The very deliberate stacking of the habits as laid out in my programs create a beautiful step by step journey to massive results.
Description: The Nourishing Fork creates fresh, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan meals that are locally sourced and crafted with love. The business strives to support individuals and families to eat nutrient dense, vibrant meals while allowing them to regain valuable time to spend doing the things that bring them joy. The business will help their clients to improve their quality of life without sacrificing health and nourishment. It is sourced from the best suppliers possible. Preferably our neighbour with the big garden. The Nourishing Fork is an energy restoring, peaceful and welcoming business. It is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about food and the connections food provides to our community, the planet and ourselves. The Nourishing Fork is all about passion for life, for change in the world, for education that food can heal and that we need to not only start teaching our children where their food comes from but also how to grow and prepare it. It’s time we invested in our lives, in our health, in our vibrancy and all the magic that comes from eating whole and being whole. Services include: Organic prepared meal delivery, in-home holistic meal preparation, kitchen stocking, custom orders, nutritional consulting and active consulting as well as workshops, cooking classes.
Description:   Make Their Day offers unique gift combinations of home services such as meal prep, running errands, laundry, cleaning house and more. If you or someone you know could use some extra hands or the gift of time,  then purchase our gift card for home services and Make Your/Their Day!

Bobby was born and raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. He was introduced to the game golf at the age of eight where he caddied for his Dad at Shannon Lake Golf Course in West Kelowna.   He played golf competitively as a junior golfer, in high school, and for the university team at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Pursuing his passion, Bobby then went on to assist coaching the men's golf team at TRU and completed his Professional Golf Teaching Certification.   His relaxed style and good nature allow his students to feel at ease when taking a golf lesson, enabling them to learn at their own individual pace and excel at improving their game. Whether you're a beginner or avid golfer, Bobby’s natural coaching style and solid understanding of the golf swing will give you the skills and road map to becoming a better player.

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Home and office organizing,  seniors transitions,  estate liquidation,  housekeeping, seniors care. Moving service,  downsizing,  home staging. 

Description: Little House Contracting is a new, specialty, "micro home" building company in the Okanagan. Our company provides full building contract and design services, and, based on established relationships, acts as a liaison with city planners and financial institutions. Our little homes are between 300 and 650 square feet and are affordable, mindfully constructed to get maximum use out of the space with minimum impact on the environment.
Description: Radiawear creates cutting-edge products that make technology safer to use by shielding and reducing the radiation emitted from wireless devices.  Using highly effective Radiawear Fabric, we offer versatile lap blankets that shield radiation with 99.9% effectiveness from various types of technology such as tablets and laptops, Radiawear provides solutions to reduce exposure from harmful radiation.  Newly available are smartphone cases that protect the user by reducing radiation exposure by 80-90%, as well as providing excellent drop-protection for the phone.  Independent tests prove impressive results on both our Radiawear Fabric as well as our smartphone cases.  In a world full of increasingly technological advancements, let's take a precautionary approach and ensure protection for our loved ones!
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